G&P | SCHICK has a well respected California and Nevada litigation practice, providing guidance to our clients' from the early negotiation stage of litigation through Trial and Arbitration. We regard litigation as a business strategy and as an investment decision for our clients. We believe in aggressive case management, including early case assessment, client connectivity and ready use of cost-saving discovery and trial technology. Those are the four pillars on which the G&P | SCHICK Litigation Department is built. They enable us to advance our clients’ success by delivering lean, value-driven representations in lawsuits, arbitration, government investigations and administrative proceedings.

Our clients' ability to achieve their objectives in litigation - a favorable settlement or Trial win - is enhanced is by the firm's recognized willingness to take a case to Trial or Arbitration. With proven Trial and Arbitration experience, G&P | SCHICK strives to prepare a strong and persuasive presentation for consideration by the judge, jury or Arbitrator. Our lawsuit planning always includes the client's budgetary and operational situation, including conservation of client funds and allocation of its technical support and personal resources.   

The decision concerning proceeding to Trial or Arbitration is not taken lightly and it is recognized that such is not always the wisest course for the client. However, when it is, our clients are represented zealously. In this regard, G&P | SCHICK strives to prepare an aggressive and persuasive presentation for consideration by the judge, jury or Arbitrator. We fashion our case strategy and staffing around the client's goals and the financial investment parameters provided in each case. Thorough case management and investigation, utilizing client input, are the hallmark to our efficient and effective application of our clients' resources. 

Our litigation practice regularly incorporates the client's business and technical expertise; our experience and knowledge; and experience of experts and colleagues to attain the best possible result. G&P | SCHICK recognizes that engaging in litigation is a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful proposition for any client and, in this regard, works hand-in-hand with its clients to keep them apprised of case developments and logistical and budgetary consideration as the case progresses towards Trial or Arbitration. In this way, the client retains control over the litigation, so that it can make the best decision with regard to its litigation.