At G&P|SCHICK our subrogation and recovery department negotiate and litigate subrogation claims for our institutional and insurance clientele. These claims typically arise from casualties such as fires, explosions, industrial equipment failures, gas and water leaks, and claims arising out of natural disasters such as wind storms, wild fires and floods. Such claims range from routine losses under commercial and personal line insurance policies to multi-million dollar catastrophic losses, at times requiring the aggregation and coordination of hundreds of claims.

The attorneys at G&P|SCHICK routinely coordinate pre-litigation investigation in larger subrogation claims to assure, where possible, application of the attorney-work product doctrine to such investigations. These investigations typically involve the retention of forensic consultants to assist in the identification of subrogation potential and potential defenses. We believe that early coordination with our subrogation team enhances recoveries, while keeping expenses at a minimum.

The subrogation practice at G&P|SCHICK is multi-faceted. It includes representation of primary insurers, commercial and industrial entities and business with significant self-insured retention as part of their overall insurance profile. While G&P|SCHICK is a staunch believer in negotiated and/or mediated settlement, it has an experienced Trial team capable of aggressively and effectively presenting subrogation claims to an Arbitrator, Judge or a jury.