Probate & Estate Litigation

G&P | SCHICK is experienced in the area of probate and estate litigation. Probate is the legal process of paying the expenses and debts of a decedent and then distributing the remaining assets to people entitled to receive them according to the terms of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament or through statutory rules regarding intestate succession, where there is no Last Will and Testament. In the case where assets are distributed in accordance with Trust documents, different rules apply. However, whether assets are being transferred through Probate or under the terms of Trust documents, disputes arise. Many times such disputes can be resolved through negotiations or some form of Alternate Dispute Resolution such as Arbitration or Mediation. Other times litigation and Trial are required.

We can handle negotiations and litigation of disputes arising between Executors, Trustees, beneficiaries, and heirs. Many times the outcome of such disputes rises and falls on early investigation and expert interaction.

At G&P | SCHICK we pride ourselves on conducting thorough investigation of the underlying facts, the marshaling of necessary documents and other evidence, and early consultation with experts to determine viable theories and defenses. We believe that such early interaction provides our clients with early evaluation of such theories and defenses, so that an educated decision can be made before tremendous expense is occurred.