Products Liability

G&P | SCHICK has an active products liability practice. The attorneys in this practice group have successfully represented a wide variety of businesses in the products liability arena. Our experienced attorneys led by Malcolm Schick, the firm’s found and principal, have represented clients ranging from national to international companies to small “mom and pop” businesses. This practice includes a wide range of products including recreational vehicles, gas and water system components, paints and building products, automotive products, construction equipment, dietary supplements, and industrial equipment, among others.

At G&P | SCHICK, we pride ourselves in advancing the client’s commercial interests in evaluating all aspects of a products liability claim. We take into consideration not only the implications of the particular case, but the implications to the client’s business, product lines, and insurance portfolio. In considering these factors, G&P | SCHICK believes that it provides superior representation in the products liability field.

For its national and insurance clients, G&P | SCHICK routinely is involved in investigation of reported accidents prior to the inception of litigation. This enables G&P | SCHICK to make recommendations to its clients with regard to investigation and expert retention, assuring, where possible, such investigation and expert analysis is protected by the attorney-work product doctrine.