Construction Law

The construction attorneys of G&P|SCHICK are frequently asked by our clients to consult, before disputes arise, during the planning and contracting phase of construction projects. This enables our clients to manage the substantial risk associated with such endeavors and to shift such risks contractually where appropriate. When disputes do arise, our attorneys are committed to finding the most favorably, cost effective solution through negotiations, if possible, or in Court or Arbitration, when necessary.

G&P|SCHICK represents contractors, designers, engineers, professionals, national home builders, developers, owners, convertors, construction managers, financial institutions, landlords and tenants. Our attorneys are involved in all types of private and public projects, including residential construction, commercial construction and public infrastructure.  Our attorneys include those with experience in construction defect litigation, prevailing wage disputes, public works contract disputes, and delay claims.  In all these areas our clients turn to us for practical solutions for complex legal issues arising in the construction arena.